CBD & THC Topicals

Hemp Topicals Hand Crafted with Purpose

Our CBD and THC topicals were created as an alternative form of relief. Whether you're young or old, our products' intention is to promote mobility in a natural and localized targeted way.

Veronika’s vision for Mi Sota Essence was created through her personal experience and journey with cannabis, and coping with chronic pain from Cervical Spinal Stenosis.  

For this reason Mi Sota Essence strives to educate about CBD and THC and show an alternative lifestyle, and help destigmatize cannabis. Our purpose is to promote mobility in the utmost natural and purposeful way. By empowering yourself through movement, cannabis and self-care.

Small Batch Minnesota Made Topicals

We purchase hemp products from local Minnesota hemp farmers and processors. With 100% MN hemp we create an infused CBD and THC oil. Our luxurious all natural CBD and THC topicals include other natural ingredients such as herbs, spices, beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil, and essential oils.

You will never be a number to us. We pride ourselves on being a small family business, based in Eagan Minnesota. We focus on small craft batches. All of our batches ensure quality made products, made with so much love and intention.