Delta 9 THC Edibles

After Minnesota passed the new THC edible law on July 1st, 2022, we decided to venture into legal THC edibles. Delta 9 THC edibles are our newest product addition. Our D9 edibles are intended for new canna curious folks - to the OG cannabis users.

Latina-Inspired THC Edibles

When we were deciding what type of edibles to make, we wanted to create something really special and tasty, that was not on the market yet and that also represented my Latina culture.

Growing up my Abuelita and Mom would make Polvorones. These are traditional Mexican Cinnamon Sugar Cookies with a little extra special love.

Our handcrafted Polvorones are made with walnuts, cinnamon sugar and infused vegan butter, and each cookie is molded into the perfect bite size THC edible cookie.